Anthony Corletti


  • Entrepreneurial Harmony

    After two years of working on Astrobase, through various product iterations, launches, customer interviews, and more, I wanted to share my learnings and my thoughts on what the future holds for me and Astrobase.
  • Work and Ownership

    What is the last project or business you owned? What did developing that project or business mean for you, for those who helped you build it, for your own learning and self improvement?
  • Unique and Valuable

    I think that the goodness of the products and services you build as an entrepreneur can be measured by two factors; how unique and valuable something is.
  • Trust the Process

    The past ten months have felt like a couple of years – so I've decided to stop, reflect, and share some of my learnings.
  • Human Learning

    After a semester teaching at Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Science department, I wanted to reflect on what it means to teach people better, how to inspire teachers to be better, and how to reorient conversations from machine learning to human learning. I think teaching people should be prioritized over teaching machines.