Anthony Corletti


  • Passwordless Logins in Python

    Many internet services use OAuth and email based protocols for sending login links and tokens. I think it's a pretty slick way to log users in and reduces overhead for them by adding yet another credential to their password managers. Let's walk through how we can implement this – we'll also see a reference to pypale, a package that implements passwordless functionality for us.
  • ML with StreamLit

    Building lightweight ML applications with python, pandas, streamlit, and scikit-learn is a awesome. Let's run through a simple example app to illustrate this.
  • Clean Rest API Error Messages with Python

    A great practice in software development is clear error message communication. Pydantic and FastAPI provide an amazing, minimal, intuitive framework for building data based web APIs that make data retrieval a breeze and provide a simple interface for delivering information from client to server.