Anthony Corletti


  • Zig, WASM, and GPU Compute Devlog 000

    Zig is a relatively new, high performance, general programming language with a lot of promise for the future. With native support for WASM, this begs the question, "Can we deliver high performing AI software at the edge with Zig and WASM via WebGPU?" Some tools are close to getting us there.
  • Speak soon! Part II

    Turns out an AI can be your executive assistant, but it requires a twist of creative writing and software development: prompting, not necessarily programming.
  • AI Infrastructure on Kubernetes

    The rise in usage of Kubernetes for AI/ML workloads has led engineers to question the suitability and effectiveness of Kubernetes' resource management and scheduling to meet the growing requirements of these workloads. So what?
  • Machine Learning with GoLearn

    Machine learning engineering is relatively fun and easy to do in Go. Data scientists and ML engineers should checkout Go for building ML applications!
  • ML with StreamLit

    Building lightweight ML applications with python, pandas, streamlit, and scikit-learn is a awesome. Let's run through a simple example app to illustrate this.