Anthony Corletti
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Unbundling and rebundling is fascinating to me.

Remaking with less, for a different, more specific purpose. Reforging with more, to create convenience and acceleration where there was none before.

We see examples of this everywhere. My favorite example of unbundling and rebundling is the iPhone.

The market did not wake up one morning thinking it needed a music player and a telephone in the same device. Let alone a camera, web browser, and a calculator too, the list goes on.

Another fantastic example of unbundling and rebundling in software is Rippling. Rippling took payroll and benefits software from Zenefits, and unbundled it. Rippling then rebundled the payroll and benefits software with other HR software, thus creating a whole new product that is far more useful than Zenefits ever was in the first place.

Unbundling the best parts of some software platforms and rebundling them with complementary and interesting features can create new market effects and functions. It is a powerful way to make a difference in the lives of those you seek to change.

I've been thinking about what kinds of effects unbundling and rebundling can have on things like establishing and maintaining product market fit for startups, products, and services.

These ideas revolve around more effective design, sales, and software development cycles. Companies often do too much throwaway work and manage their shared understanding of progress and value add to customers in disjointed information systems. This makes it difficult to achieve a higher level of transparency and organizational knowledge sharing.

So what if it was better?

What if it was seamless?

What if communication cycles happened without a dozen different systems?

What if your infrastructure unbundled the best parts of those systems today into something new and different? Into something the market didn't know it needed until the market saw this product and used it for the first time.

If this piques your interest, resonates with you, maybe it makes you want to jump and shout for joy, or any combination of the three, I'd love to hear from you.