Anthony Corletti
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Time is the Creative Director


I focused on two big areas in 2022; peace of mind and possibility.

For the past two to three years leading up to 2022, I struggled to find harmony between work and non-work. I found my harmony last year after deciding to shut down a startup, getting started as a member of Water & Music, and my first trip overseas to Europe. I've started side projects and shared them, kept tabs on what gave me energy, and what drained it. I've started to find a rhythm that works for me. It's made things feel more like life is full of endless possibilities and less of a grind to endure.

In 2023, I'm making my two big areas; promises and performance.

Promises to myself and others, and performance in terms of delivering on those promises really well.

I'm done selling my time and energy far shorter than it's been sold in the past and want to focus on making relationships that last longer than a transaction, JIRA ticket, or advice. I want to build long term relationships with people that inspire me, and hopefully I inspire them too.

I'm planning to make a few small angel investments and take on small technical advisory projects to help companies that I really believe in; ones that give me energy. I'm currently planning to look at companies in the cloud computing and music ecosystems, and I certainly could be convinced to work with other startups in other areas too.

I'm really excited to see what the future holds. For now, I'm going to continue building and sharing. Maybe you resonate with this, and if you do, I'd love to hear from you.